Professional, with no payment in advance, service for hacking popular messengers (VK, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)
in limited deadlines

About us

About us

Having a huge experience behind us, we manage to carry out hacks of almost any level of complexity, even the most experienced victim is powerless in front of the skills of our team. Combining the methods of social engineering, the careful collection of information and also software, almost all cases end in success.



Leaving your order, you can not worry. We guarantee you complete confidentiality on our part.

No prepayment

We never require prepayment from our customers. The transfer is carried out only after the evidence is provided.

Acceptable price

Most of the offers of this kind on the market are a scam, but out of that small number of honest services, the price of our services is at an extremely low level. The cost of hacking starts at $ 50 and grows depending on complexity.


  1. Reception of your order
    • To place an order for hacking, you need to contact us in the form below, indicating in the application a brief description of the case, the desired deadline and WhatsApp login that you would like to hack. Next, our representative will contact you to discuss the details of the order. The answer takes no more than 30 minutes.

  2. Completing of the work
    • Usually, the hacking time depends on the messenger and complexity, but varies from day to week, and sometimes it may take much more time to gain access. In any case, be patient and wait for messages about the completed order by checking your email daily.

  3. Account Access
    • Follow the instructions of our operator, which vary depending on the specific case of hacking, and you will also be sent data for anonymous and invisible access, so that the account holder does not receive a notification about entry from an unknown device.

Order service

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